We offer a number of on-line development psychometric assessments and surveys that unlock human potential.

In addition to these assessments we also offer health assessments including the Adrenal Stress Assessment and/or DNAFit Assessment.  These assessments ensure that we are developing leaders at a physical level as well as at an emotional, spiritual and mental level.  The different options are outlined below:

Personality Type Assessment (PTP)

The PTP provides a framework for understanding individual differences and how
people interact with each other as well as an exploration of their preferences,
motivators and talents. It is a self-assessment questionnaire based upon the Jungian personality type model.

Designed to measure personality in the workplace, PTP provides clear information on an individual’s preferred behavioural styles and is presented against key areas shown to be important in the working environment. The accessible report provides insights to enhance self-awareness, understanding of others and increase personal effectiveness.

Emotional Intelligence Executive Profile (EIP) Assessment, Report and Feedback Session

Scientifically validated and developed specifically with the workplace in mind,
the EIP measures emotional intelligence – strengths and developmental areas, and provides a clear development pathway. The EIP provides us with new insights and approaches on how to fulfil our potential, work with emotions effectively, and
achieve transformational change. 

The EIP report provides a comprehensive profile comprising an in-depth examination of the 16 dimensions of emotional intelligence. The report further expands those dimensions which most affect the attitudes and behaviours of the leader. Key development points for the executive are discussed during a feedback session. Goals from this will start to form key development areas and focus for the retreat or coaching programme.  

Using the EIP to assess and develop the Emotional Intelligence of your people and leaders will help leaders and organisations to:

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Create open, collaborative and trust-based cultures
  • Build an emotionally resilient workforce
  • Develop a sustainable high-performance climate
  • Transform the interpersonal skills of technical experts
  • Focus talent development on the leadership qualities that are critical for future success

Emotional Intelligence Profile 360 Assessment

In addition to the EIP we can also administer and deliver a unique Emotional Intelligence 360.  EIP 360 is a developmental tool used to enhance the performance of individuals and leaders.  The 360 assessment and feedback will enable the leader to obtain views and evaluations on their performance from a range of different people who observe their behaviour.  This may include: their manager, direct reports, colleagues, customers, stakeholders and peers.

Health Assessments

Additional assessments include the Adrenal Stress Assessment and/or DNAFit Assessment and Report. The additional cost of these assessments and any follow up 1:1 meetings will be added to the overall package and agreed at the time of booking. These assessments can take place at any time during the programme.

Adrenal Stress Assessment
The Adrenal Stress Profile is a powerful and precise non-invasive salivary assay that evaluates bioactive levels of the body’s important stress hormones, cortisol and DHEA. This profile serves as a critical tool for uncovering biochemical imbalances underlying anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, obesity, dysglycaemia, and a host of other clinical conditions.

DNAFit Assessment
Using our unique and easy to understand DNAFit reports, you’ll unlock an in-depth panel of genetic variants associated with fitness, nutrition and wellbeing to help you refine how you train, eat and live.




Duration:  Each assessment is completed on line and varies in time depending on which one is selected.  Feedback sessions take between one to two hours.  During this time the Emotionally-i-Fit coach will explore outputs of the report and agree development goals.

Takeout:  A detailed printed report is provided at the end of the feedback session and an Emotionally-i-Fit Development Plan.

Who For: Leaders or individuals that want to develop Emotional Intelligence

Where: Face to face (London), Telephone or Skype

Who with:  Amanda Wildman or an Emotionally-i-Fit Coach


  • Assessments provide accurate diagnostic around personality type, emotional intelligence and health.
  • Assessments and feedback session are designed to create greater self awareness and identify strengths as well as development areas
  • Feedback sessions allow for a clear development and actionable pathway.
  • Rapidly improves and impacts performance
  • Strengthens leadership resilience and engagement
  • Helps leaders build better relationships by improving trust, collaboration and conflict-handling.