On Wednesday I spoke at an event at the London Chamber of Commerce.  The event was for Senior Leaders who were either embarking on or about to embark on a transition in their career. I was on the panel with Damien Stork, Director of Chamonix HardCross – www.chamonixhardcross.com.  We were invited to talk about the relationship between physiology and psychology and the impact of these on achieving higher performance both personally or professionally.

A term used to describe this is the Integrated Science of human Performance (ISP).  This term has been developed by Chris Beedie, Doctor of Sports Psychology at Aberystwyth, Director of Research at UK Active, and also Director of Chamonix Hardcross.

More and more research is being done into how physical exercise and nutrition impact mood.   We were presenting on this in relation to managing your emotions particularly during periods of transition when you need to be resilient. 

Damien talked about some new research that has recently been discovered by a team of academics at Loughborough University. 

Did you know that dehydration leads to the same level of driver errors as being over the limit?  

Imagine therefore the impact this has on individual performance as a leader.   The message from Damien was clear – physically fitness is the foundation and starting point for emotional fitness

I know this to be true and it is for this reason that I was delighted to be on the panel and link this to my passion – helping leaders to be more emotionally intelligence.   

It is now believed that emotional intelligence is one of the highest indicators of performance.  Whether you are in transition and wanting to develop your career further or just want to be more successful, placing greater investment on your ISP will help you to be extraordinary.  Taking responsibility for understanding yourself and how you react to situations will allow you to understand others better and have stronger working relationships.  This in turn will allow you to focus on where you want your career to go and will have a definite impact on how successful you are.  Being resilient during this process is critical.

Focus on these areas of Emotional Intelligence to build your resilience.

  • Personal Power, Self Regard, Authenticity, Balanced Outlook, Conflict Handling, Connecting with Others and Reflective Learning and,
  • Keep drinking water….

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