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“Leadership is not domination, but the art of persuading people to work toward a common goal.” 
― Daniel Goleman

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What is Emotional Intelligence and why do we need it in business?

90% of successful leaders demonstrate high Emotional Intelligence

67% of competencies in business are linked to Emotional Intelligence

People with high EI are proven to have better mental health, job performance and leadership skills

Source: Goleman



In today's volatile and changing multi-generational and multi-cultural workplaces there are many different attitudes and values. It has become more important than ever to focus on EI in order to maintain an engaged and motivated workforce. The pressure on leaders to be more agile and adaptable to a vast array of individual needs has never been so prevalent. Leaders play a key role in demonstrating and instilling emotionally intelligent behaviours. We are finding that this is a HOT topic and more organisations are realising the importance of equipping leaders with the right tools to understand themselves in order to relate to others better.

The good news is, that like any business skill, EI can be assessed, nurtured and developed. The starting point for this is AWARENESS of oneself, AWARENESS of our attitudes, feelings and behaviours and the impact all three have on performance and business results.

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How Self-Aware are You?

Get a Snapshot into your Emotional Intelligence and Change your Habits in 21-Days

You will leave the event with:

  • A clear picture of how you can create greater impact as a leader by getting a snapshot into your own Emotional Intelligence.  
  • Clarity on your top three strengths and development areas in relation to your own Emotional Intelligence.
  • A personalised report (based on the results of the Emotional Intelligence Snapshot assessment completed prior to the event).  The Snapshot measurement tool is a scientifically validated and industry recognised self-assessment questionnaire that has been shown to improve performance.
  • Tangible and practical ideas about how you can build on your top three strengths and development areas of Emotional Intelligence. 
  • A 21-Day Emotional Intelligence Habit Change programme that if followed will guarantee results.
  • A 30 minute free feedback follow up call or Skype Session to support you during the 21-Day change programme. 
  • The opportunity to connect with other successful leaders over a delicious breakfast (included). 

When: November 10th, 8.00am - 10.30am
Where: Bar 155, 155 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3AD

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Blog: Who pushes your buttons?

Our latest blog deals with an issue that is crucial for successful leadership and management: how to handle tricky relationships.

I am often asked the question – how can I change my behaviour when certain relationships push my buttons?
I am sure anyone reading this can identify.  We all have blind spots in relationships and games that we have perfected over years to protect us from experiencing strong emotions...  

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New for Autumn: 3 one day workshops on Emotional Intelligence for graduates, leaders and managers.

1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
2. Managing with Emotional Intelligence
3. Leading with Emotional Intelligence

''Amanda really aligned her approach to fit the needs of our business and everyone benefited greatly from the day she organised.  The feedback was 100% positive.  She also coached one of the people in my team live in front of others, that took courage and really demonstrated how in a very short space of time, a conversation can change someone's views on their own life and how to better themselves."

For more information or to book, contact Amanda Wildman on 07815743045 or click to fill in the contact form

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About Emotionally-i-Fit:

Emotionally-i-Fit runs assessments, coaching programmes, workshops and leadership retreats that help leaders and organisations to measure and develop the 16 metrics of Emotional Intelligence.

Amanda Wildman - Director of Emotionally-i-Fit is an expert in Emotional Intelligence and leadership development.