Emotionally-i-Fit run diagnostic assessments, coaching programmes and design talent initiatives that help leaders and organisations to measure and develop emotional fitness. 

Our vision is to develop leaders, that inspire, empower, motivate and engage the talent they have. 

We believe that lasting behavioural change only happens when there is a change in attitudes and emotions. Our expertise equips us to enable change in skills and attitudes that are relevant, purposeful, and transformational for leaders and organisations.

We realise the value of applying emotional fitness in business, providing solutions that enable leaders and organisations to get the best out of people in a sustainable way. The solutions are based on the latest research and sound business acumen. They increase performance, engagement and people's wellbeing.

Emotionally fit leaders have greater self-awareness, are excellent communicators and can adapt their behaviour to a variety of situations and individuals. As a result, they are more likely to have the edge they need to lead, manage and perform, in today's competitive and complex world. They are also hugely resilient and adept at dealing with stress, conflict and change. 

Our diagnostic assessments, coaching programmes and talent initiatives shine the light on emotional fitness, both individually and as an organisation. We then work with our clients to create talent strategies that ensure emotional engagement of people to develop the highest potential for excellent business performance.