The Emotionally Fit Leadership Retreat has been designed to run either as an internal leadership development retreat, or as an open retreat. The retreat, developed by Amanda Wildman, who after extensive years of creating global learning & development strategies and initiatives for organisations such as the BBC and Morgan McKinley, found that there was a need for a very different leadership development journey. A journey that develops leaders to engage at an emotional level.  

It takes leaders on a very personal journey that enables change in skills and attitudes that are relevant, purposeful, and transformational in today’s corporate world.

Emotionally fit leaders have greater self-awareness, connect with others more authentically, are excellent communicators and adapt their behaviour to a variety of situations and individuals.  They are also hugely resilient and adept at dealing with stress, conflict and change.

The retreat is designed around 16 dimensions of emotional intelligence, underpinned by a foundation of physical and nutritional health. The model of emotional intelligence that is used was developed by JCA Global as shown below.

Leaders that complete the retreat will explore each one of the 16 dimensions over
the 5 month period. The workshop retreat days however will focus on the following 11 dimensions with an additional focus on physical and nutritional wellbeing.
They will learn specific skills and strategies around these:-

Emotional Resilience – The degree
to which I am able to pick myself up and
bounce back

Emotional Expression – The degree
to which I achieve balance in the expression and control of my emotions

Balanced Outlook – How well I manage to balance optimism with realism as part of my decision making process

Reflective Learning – The degree to which I enhance my emotional intelligence by reflecting on what I and others feel, think and do

Goal Directedness - The degree to which I relate my behaviour to long term goals

Self Regard – The degree to which
I accept and value myself

Personal Power – The degree to
which I believe I am in charge of and take sole responsibility for outcomes

Conflict Handling - How I handle conflict

Trust – The degree to which I trust and
invite trust, working collaboratively with others

Connecting with Others – The extent and ease with which I am able to make significant connections with other people

Authenticity – The degree to which I invite the trust of others by being principled, reliable, consistent and known


During this personal journey leaders will assess areas of strength, blind-spots and potential blocks around all 16 dimensions. Emotional fitness is the outcome.

Overview & costs of the retreat

The retreat is tailored to a client’s needs and can also be integrated into an existing leadership framework. The costs are then calculated accordingly and
the elements include:

Assessments, feedback and coaching: £975.00

Retreat Days: £495.00 (per person, per day)

At the start and end of the retreat goals and measures will be discussed and agreed. Any further development or support required can then be identified and costed.