We offer a number of on-line development psychometric assessments and surveys that unlock human potential.  These include Personality Type Profile, Emotional Intelligence Profile as well as a suite of 360 tools for teams and individuals.  

Option 2: Assessment plus 360 Feedback

In addition to the Emotional Intelligence Profile Assessment, we will also administer and deliver a unique EI 360. Receiving feedback from others on our levels of Emotional Fitness can provide useful insights and additional depth in understanding our Emotional Intelligence. Comparing self-perceptions with the perceptions of others, can be an incredibly powerful way of identifying strengths and development needs, and often provides a compelling motivation to change.

The EIP has a companion 360 degree feedback tool, allowing individuals to invite evaluations from a range of raters: line-managers; peers, direct reports and other stakeholders, such as clients. By inviting observations on their behaviour from the people with whom they interact, an individual can achieve a greater insight into how others experience their Emotional Fitness at work.  


  • Provides an accurate diagnostic of EI strengths and development areas, and offers a clear development pathway.
  • Provides feedback and insights from others, based on their perceptions
  • Quickly gets to the root of what’s blocking potential.
  • Rapidly improves performance
  • Strengthens resilience and engagement
  • Helps leaders build better relationships by improving trust, collaboration and conflict-handling
  • Helps develop leaders' qualities such as authenticity, inspiration and realistic optimism




Duration: 3 Hour Coaching Session to feedback and explore outputs of the on-line EIP assessment and EI 360

Takeout: Two written reports (Emotional Fitness plus 360) and Emotionally-i-Fit Personal Development Leadership Plan

Who For: Leaders or individuals that want to develop Emotional Fitness

Where: Face to face (London), Telephone or Skype

Who with:  Amanda Wildman or an Emotionally-i-Fit Coach