We offer a number of on-line development psychometric assessments and surveys that unlock human potential. These include Personality Type Profile, Emotional Intelligence Profile as well as a suite of 360 tools for teams and individuals. 

Option 1: Emotional Intelligence Profile Assessment

The tool we use is scientifically validated, developed specifically with the workplace in mind, the EIP measures emotional fitness – strengths and developmental areas, and provides a clear development pathway. The EIP provides us with new insights and approaches on how to fulfil our potential, work with emotions effectively, and achieve transformational change. The EIP for Senior Leaders' Executive Report provides a comprehensive profile comprising an in-depth examination of the 16 dimensions of Emotional Fitness. The report further expands those dimensions which most affect the attitudes and behaviours of the leader.  Key development points for the executive area also included.  

This assessment provides a report and will help individuals answer questions, such as:

  • How aware are you of your strengths and limitations?
  • To what level do you modify your behaviour to suit changing situations?
  • How do you react to pressure?
  • Can you control your impulses when under stress?
  • How sensitive are you to other people's emotions?
  • Do you excel at developing relationships?
  • How comfortable are you in expressing your emotions?
  • How assertive are you?


  • Provides an accurate diagnostic of EI strengths and development areas, and offers a clear development pathway.
  • Quickly gets to the root of what’s blocking potential.
  • Rapidly improves performance
  • Strengthens resilience and engagement
  • Helps leaders build better relationships by improving trust, collaboration and conflict-handling
  • Helps develop leaders' qualities such as authenticity, inspirations and realistic optimism



Key Points

Duration: 2 Hour Coaching Session to feedback and explore outputs of the Executive EIP Report.

Takeout: A written report and Emotionally-i-Fit Personal Development Leadership Plan

Who For: Leaders or individuals that want to develop Emotional Fitness

Where: Face to face (London), Telephone or Skype

Who with: Amanda Wildman or an Emotionally-i-Fit Coach

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