Breakfast Event - An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Get a Snapshot of your Emotional Intelligence and Change Habits in 21 Days

We are on a quest - to help individuals become more emotionally intelligence by better understanding themselves.

We believe that to lead others successfully, leaders must first be able to manage themselves.

  • Emotional Intelligence is about ATTITUDE, AWARENESSand SELF-MANAGEMENT
  • Emotional Intelligence is pivotal to leadership performance and impact.  Evidence shows that 90 per cent of high-performing leaders have high Emotional Intelligence.
  • The ability to develop relationships, attract and engage talented people is a result of Emotional Intelligence.  Without it you are unlikely to succeed much beyond technical brilliance.
  • Like any skill Emotional Intelligence can be developed.  First it takes awareness and then practice.  This workshop is designed to help you understand Emotional Intelligence, and most importantly, what you need to do to develop your own.

After just 4 hours you will leave the event with:

  • A clear picture of how you can create greater impact as a leader by getting a snapshot of your own Emotional Intelligence.  
  • Clarity on your top three strengths and development areas in relation to your own Emotional Intelligence.
  • A personalised report (based on the results of the Emotional Intelligence Snapshot assessment completed prior to the event).  The Snapshot measurement tool is a scientifically validated and industry recognised self-assessment questionnaire that has been shown to improve performance.
  • Tangible and practical ideas about how you can build on your top three strengths as well as development areas of Emotional Intelligence. 
  • A 21-Day Emotional Intelligence Habit Change programme that if followed will guarantee results.
  • A 30 minute free feedback follow-up call or Skype Session to support you during the 21-Day change programme. 
  • The opportunity to connect with other successful leaders over a delicious breakfast (included). 


April 2017

9.00 - 1.00



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